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Hi Everyone,

I would just like to let everyone know that we have made it to THE CHEAPEATS OTTAWA GUIDE. CHEAPEATS OTTAWA is an insider guide to the good quality, high value restaurant in the national capital region. We’ve been visited , double checked and now have made it into the book.  .VISIT TO FIND OUT MORE.

I would like to also like to point out a few websites that has been following us closely since the day that we open, offering our customer a chance to review and talk about Pho Mi Bo Ga before I even started this blog site. These sites are and

You can still show your support at these sites or just start blogging at my new blog site as well.

Thank You,

Pho Mi Bo Ga

Hello Pho Mi Bo Ga fans!

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Welcome to Pho Mi Bo Ga Blog. This is my first post. Everyone lets start blogging!