The Pho Card Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction and Definitions

a. To participate in the PHO POINTS program you must keep to the following terms and conditions, which you should read carefully.

b. PHO POINTS - the currency we award, which may be paper vouchers or electronic points. program - the PHO POINTS program in which members earn PHO POINTS from our organisation and spend them on products or services.

account - an account in your name, which contains PHO POINTS that you can use to pay for products and services.

2. Collecting PHO POINTS

a. To be eligible to collect PHO POINTS and so we can register you on the program, you must provide an address within Ontario, Canada.
b. We may award you points in paper or electronic form. We will hold them in an account on your behalf.
c. For every dollar spent at Pho Mi Bo Ga, you will receive 2 Pho Points.
d. To begin to collect Pho Points, you must fill out an account application and pay an annual membership fee of $5.

3. Your account

a. We will maintain an account that records your PHO POINTS transactions
b. When you spend PHO POINTS on a product or service we provide, we will adjust your account balance in line with this. We will correct any mistakes that we make on your account.


a. When PHO POINTS have appeared on your account, you can spend them by referring to our exclusive offers.
b. You may use your points for anyone as long as you, the account holder is present upon redemption.
c. You cannot transfer, sell or use PHO POINTS for any other purpose except as we allow under the terms of any offer. If you die, PHO POINTS may be transferred to an account in the name of one of your beneficiaries. We must be shown a copy of the will and the death certificate. If you try to transfer PHO POINTS in any other way, we may take action against you.

5. Security

a. You are the holder of PHO POINTS and are responsible for their security. We are the owner of all PHO POINTS and they remain our property at all times. To reduce the risk of someone else spending PHO POINTS in your account, treat your account number like a credit-card number.
b. It is your responsibility to keep secure any information that might identify you and allow access to your account. Unfortunately, you cannot hold us responsible if a person is able to spend points in your account as a result of you not taking appropriate care of your account details. If you lose or accidentally reveal your account or password details or lose your membership card, you should contact us immediately. Please make sure that we always have your correct address to reduce security risks as far as possible.
d. We will set up your account in your name with your current address. If you change address, you must contact Pho Mi Bo Ga Customer Services Department so we can update your details. If you call us to change your address, you must answer security questions before we will make any amendments.

6. Ending your membership

a. You can end your membership of the program at any time by contacting us. We may end your membership of the scheme and cancel or suspend any PHO POINTS in your account if we reasonably believe that you have acted in a way that harms the program. These actions may include but are not limited to:
- illegal or fraudulent activities;
- collecting or spending PHO POINTS dishonestly or in a way that breaks these terms and conditions; hostile, abusive or aggressive behaviour towards our staff; and knowingly providing us with false or misleading information.

7. The Pho Points Program Modifications

a. We can change the program and the products and services we provide, including the number of PHO POINTS needed for an offer. We will always give you reasonable notice.
b. We may, at any time, put a time limit on how long you have to spend any PHO POINTS. We may decide to amend the limit from time to time. We will always try to give you reasonable notice.
c. We have the right to change these terms and conditions. We will always try to give you reasonable notice.
g. We are not liable for any personal tax liability that may arise from you taking part in the scheme.